79th Annual New York Planning Federation Conference Materials from our presenters provided to us are listed below: 



EVSE Implementation Presentation NYPF 03-28-17

DEC presentation on Part 617 changes

2016 Case Law Summary Update

Got Junk presentation 03.27.17

Mark Schachner ZBA DECISION MAKING 03-27-2017 FINAL

RLUIPA Zoning 2017

Randall Arendt - Ideas on Form Based Regulations for Smaller Communities

Chapter 12 - Designing Better Streets RA 5.8.14-Randall Arendt

Fire Engines and Street Width - cnu - Randall Arendt

Greener Streets -- PA Township Engineer article Rev. 2.12.10-Randall Arendt



If you have any materials from your presentation you'd like listed on our website please share it with us at nypf@nypf.org.  We would like to thank all of our presenters for your presentations, we greatly appreciate your involvement in our annual conference.






  board swearing in

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